UniGuide carries over 15 years of International experience in Education and Career consultancy, recruitment and internships, visas and immigration assistance, other study and travel related services.

UniGuide team consists of Education and Career Counselors, PhD holders, engineers and instructors, business professionals, who offer different services across UniGuide 9 international offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France, USA, Canada, Turkey, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates.

We have extended university cooperation in several destinations: Italy, Belgium, Austria, Cyprus, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Australia, New Zealand, Georgia, Armenia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China.

Our different services include:
  • Academic and Job Market counseling, Major selection
  • University, College, or language school selection and admission
  • Scholarships in Europe, USA, Canada, Lebanon, Turkey and worldwide
  • Worldwide school placement for children who are relocating
  • Career Consultation, CV writing and job application assistance
  • Jobs and Internships in Europe, USA, Canada, UAE, Lebanon and worldwide
  • Visa preparation and assistance
  • Immigration Assistance
  • Travel assistance, housing placement or hosting families, student job assistance
  • Test Preparation, Training, Course & Project support, Teaching Languages
Why UniGuide?
  • UniGuide is very well rooted in several countries; over the years we developed a large network of professionals that made us unique in offering many related services.
  • We facilitate your acceptance and good placement at matching universities and colleges worldwide.
  • We avoid any delays when you apply alone where students may lose one year by missing the deadlines, or by incomplete applications, or by providing wrong info.
  • We assist you in major selection and job market counselling and country/city selection
  • UniGuide grants scholarships, as well as from Universities and Associations network.
  • We follow you during your studies to nominate you for further scholarships, we assist you in housing, in student jobs and others.
  • We provide test preparation, training, teaching languages, tutoring and support in university courses and projects.
  • We assist you upon graduation in CV Writing, and in internships and job finding.